Meet the teachers

'I hope that in twenty-twenty you become fluent in self-love.
I hope that this time next year you know your worth like it's your mother tongue'.

Liza Maria -
Founder / Yoga instructor.

mePowered by the desire to connect, Liza is a lover of life and full of passion and positivity. Yoga is so much more than movement, she would like to share her way and vision to inspire all of you.

Interest in the movement of the body, the connection and love was already there, from a young age. Growing up in nature, near a small town in the Netherlands, was a good beginning of her path.

Liza continued her path over the years evolved by connecting with herself and others through dancing and working as a massage therapist. She chose to share her passion on stage and decided for an education in dance to eventually becoming an all-round dance teacher. Then, one day, she got introduced to the amazing lifestyle of yoga. ‘it was love on first sight, what yoga has done for me, I wish for everyone’.

She conducted her Classical Hatha yoga education in the Netherlands. She started teaching yoga by combining it with dance and founded her own business, ‘natraj yoga’. (Nataraja asana means dancers pose).

She furthered her teaching experience in India and by assisting on the TTC trainings. ‘Being in an ashram for one whole month, was a life changing experience’.

After that she got many opportunities to teach abroad and discovered Indonesia during that time. ‘From the moment I arrived, I didn’t want to leave anymore’. Liza has been living on the island ‘Gili Trawangan’, an island near Lombok, Indonesia, for almost 3 years now. This is her second home and she would love to invite people to join her on her path, to inspire them on their own amazing journey through life.

Share your love of yoga and be your beautiful self.


Simon Jongenotter-

Guest Teacher

Simon Jongenotter is on a mission to connect and empower people through their relationship to themselves, each other, the planet and his big passion: food.

He found a home, inside himself, through meditation, breathwork and energy healing.

Driven by a deep love for all living beings, and a raging grief around the way we, as humans, treat our precious Mother Earth, Simon dedicates his life to healing and evolution of the human race.

He’s convinced that we can create a paradise for all living beings, if only we find our way back home to the sacred ways of Mother Nature.

He travels regularly to share workshops, earth circle and healing sessions. Besides that he consults for restaurant kitchens around the world.


Surf Instructor

You will recognize him by his big smile and his overwhelming positive energy. Bul surfs his way through life!

He grew up on this magical Island with the sea just a few meters away, his everyday surfing made him a real professional.

To teach surfing, for Bul it's his dream job. 'Sharing the amazing waves on the magical waters, is something i can not put it words'. He will bring balance, focus and a big smile on your face too.

'Happiness comes in waves'.