Welcome beauty!

Are you taking enough time for yourself?
Time to reconnect with yourself is important and it’s something we need to take seriously.

We at Natraj Yoga founder of ‘be.you.tiful yoga and surf retreats Lombok’ bring the focus on awareness of the body, mind and spirit. With our daily yoga, meditation and pranayama sessions we bring you a week full of self development and relaxation.

Our specialist in healing will join our retreat to create depth and will help you to release any blockades. In combination with the surf we bring together balance, focus and a good outlet to release any tension. We have created a full package of amazing food, massage, healing, daily workshops and circles, excursions and freedom of what feels good for you.

Come and recharge, pamper and develop yourself in paradise!
Away from all the crowds, immerse yourself in nature.
Do what’s good for your soul.

Love from us!